Safe and reliable transportation referrals for seniors with mobility issues

Need a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Provider?

There are many referral options when it comes to safe and reliable transportation for non-ambulatory persons. This can include visits to doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, dialysis appointments, and similar non-emergency healthcare appointments. It can also include trips to church, family gatherings, or lunch meetings with friends. Transportation in this field is specifically designed for patients and healthcare consumers who have difficulty overcoming barriers related to transportation, such as persons’ disabilities.

These barriers can take various forms. For example, some individuals may not be able to drive themselves, or their vehicle can’t accommodate a wheelchair. Some people may be unable to travel or wait for services alone due to specific needs or conditions, such as physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, mental health conditions, or developmental limitations. Providing transportation services specifically tailored to their needs helps bridge the gap and allows individuals to attend appointments and receive the care they need without relying on emergency services or facing unnecessary barriers.

Transportation referrals are often arranged through healthcare providers, insurance companies, or specialized transportation companies with vehicles equipped to accommodate individuals with specific needs. The services may include accommodating wheelchairs, providing trained personnel to assist patients during transportation, and ensuring the vehicles are suitable for the comfort and safety of the passengers.

Overall, our referrals play a vital role in supporting individuals who face transportation challenges, enabling them to access non-emergency medical services and maintain their health and well-being.

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